In the continuing tradition of just linking to everything this guy posts, check out his concept of hyperlocal actionable COVID19 exposure forecasting:

Turns out there's this one Dutch cloth company that makes the fanciest patterns for African dressmakers

Okay I decided not to wait. Here's the IP:

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Thinking about setting up a Minecraft server. Anyone interested?

I got my first letter from Robin Sloan's newsletter today, and I'm so pleased. This is the guy who wrote "An App can be a Home-Cooked Meal". He writes in this delightfully personal way that makes it feel like getting a letter from a friend. Having just started sending letters to friends, I'll have to learn something from him.

An exhortation from C.S. Lewis to continue your creative work under the shadow of pandemic:

"Human life has always been lived on the edge of a precipice. Human culture has always had top exist under the shadow of something infinitely more important than itself. If men had postponed the search for knowledge and beauty until they were secure, they would never have begun."

Also he's a haskell nerd, so free bonus points in my book

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I'm entranced by this guy's personal website / blog / store of essays / book reviews / book quote list. He's weirdly open about his life on a public forum in a way that seems alien to me in these privacy-conscious (if not privacy-preserving) times.

General plug for Nujabes to add some chill to your pandemic lifestyle

I've been really enjoying the weekly China updates from Sinocism:

He rounds up Chinese media and gives an English-language summary, all with a Westerner's outsider take on what's going on there.

Starting a thread for SeaSplash related links!

@rohithrokkam @dnelson @cbjamo @acarrillo

@all welcome to @acarrillo ! Alex and I met on the FIRST robotics team in high school. He worked at SpaceX for a few years on test automation software, and nowadays is building farming robots to support Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

@all give a warm welcome to @rohithrokkam ! Rohith and I met in college, where he would kick my butt at go and teach me new things about math. These days he works at Tableau building the Great Dataviz in the Sky

No comment on whether automating away bartenders is good or bad. Just wanted to highlight that no one seems able to automate away a profession without saying "We'Re NoT rEaLlY gEtTiNg RiD oF tHeM"

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Loving this complete tone-deaf BS:

"Do self-serve drink taps aim to replace the modern-day bartender, those men, and women who work tirelessly to fill pints of beer and make craft cocktails? Never. We would never try to replace such a respected and age-old profession, whose craftsmen and craftswoman have created some of the best drinks the world has ever seen. We are, however, creating a new experience and a new market in the restaurant/bar industry ..."

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