Hey @cbjamo and @Matt and anyone else who wants to join, I’m gonna do this: hackasat.com/ - the weekend of May 22

@Matt @cbjamo well boys, what are we gonna do instead of DEF CON this year?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to create online “hangout spaces”. Especially since quarantine, I’ve missed a lot of the accidental socialization that comes from just being in the same place. Zoom calls and whatnot can replicate that somewhat, but they still require intention and planning to get everyone on at the same time. What would it look like to have a space where you can toggle an “I’m around” signal and then easily spend time with people who happened to be online too?

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Hey all - welcome to @Joie, a friend of @me and I who’s into climbing and sustainability. She works as a management consultant doing whatever it is management consultants do and went to school for supply chain management. Welcome to the not-cult @Joie!

Actually, I think I take that back - it’s cool if you’re a systems nerd

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