@dnelson I wonder if 2020 is the year we get to start saying <year> is the year of the machine uprising?

Heads up firefox users: arstechnica.com/information-te

TLDR: Moz is seeing active exploitation of a 0-day in firefox. Patch to 72.0.1 to fix.

Also of note, ubuntu default repos don't have 72.0.1 yet.

Holy balls pu-erh tea (sometimes pu-er) is fucking great.

It's an aged tea, so there's a lot of variation. This is the specific tea I have. smithtea.com/products/shu-cha-

This is interesting/terrifying: reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/co

If you're interested in this kind of stuff, you should probably scrape the relevant subreddit and user's accounts, as they will be deleted at some point.

@Matt Don't know why I didn't think to post that here. Ian and I have done AoC for the last couple years. For the first ones we just sorta chat about it, but tend to work together on the later problems. You gonna do it this year?

I'm quite interested what you guys think of the episode "On The Job". It raises a difficult question about the free speech of government employees.

Ken White was mentioned in that article @dnelson linked. He runs 'Make No Law' a podcast discussing the first amendment. The two I've listened to so far (The F-Bomb, and Fighting Words) are definitely worth the time.


@dnelson @me @Matt
That's a pretty good article. The bit about college resonated strongly with me.

It's probably the main reason I want to build the robocollective. Hell, the name even comes from the fact that Dakota, Matt, and I met in the robotics lab.

The one thing from the article I don't agree with in the need for regular physical interaction. On a gut level it fell flat for me. I do think the rest of his pro-church arguments are good.

@dnelson @me You were right, I did find that interesting.

I've gotta think on it, and probably read it a couple more times, but my gut reaction is more in line with Zane's thinking.

I still want to live in the middle of goddamn nowhere, but not for prepper reasons. I just like isolation.

Also, I'm curious what @Matt thinks of this article.

I posted about this guy once before: youtube.com/watch?v=YOOQl0hC18

His stuff is basically the perfect video to work to.

@dnelson This is a very good article that everyone should read. There are a couple other veterans day posts on that blog that are also worth reading.

@dnelson That's dope as hell, pretty shit price for the condition though. I've seen already referbed ones go for less than that.

This is a pretty great channel, and this video in specific is... let's call it interesting. youtu.be/YlQT4ptwLKs

@dnelson I'm almost certain I'll end up with some version of that phone.

@dnelson Ah, I shall fetch my cane, and my ceremonial lawn, such that I might yell at the kids these days.

@dnelson Bah, if you can't get a flight together what's the point?

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