Today's xkcd is Mickens' "The Night Watch" in comic form.

Heads up firefox users:

TLDR: Moz is seeing active exploitation of a 0-day in firefox. Patch to 72.0.1 to fix.

Also of note, ubuntu default repos don't have 72.0.1 yet.

Holy balls pu-erh tea (sometimes pu-er) is fucking great.

It's an aged tea, so there's a lot of variation. This is the specific tea I have.

This is interesting/terrifying:

If you're interested in this kind of stuff, you should probably scrape the relevant subreddit and user's accounts, as they will be deleted at some point.

I'm quite interested what you guys think of the episode "On The Job". It raises a difficult question about the free speech of government employees.

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Ken White was mentioned in that article @dnelson linked. He runs 'Make No Law' a podcast discussing the first amendment. The two I've listened to so far (The F-Bomb, and Fighting Words) are definitely worth the time.

I posted about this guy once before:

His stuff is basically the perfect video to work to.

This is a pretty great channel, and this video in specific is... let's call it interesting.

Robo Collective

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